Arno®Shred SS


Arno®Shred SS – the perfect choice for swarf shredding. The compact single-shaft shredder with the proven rotor-stator principle. Our single-shaft shredder guarantees problem-free operation by reliable technology.
The proven SS series are machines of powerful single-shaft shredders, which are primarily used for crushing metal chips.
Through continuous development in collaboration with the industry, the Arno®Shred SS series ensures flawless operation.
Our single-shaft shredders are modularly configurable and tailored with cutting discs specifically for your material.

Arno®Shred SSE


Specially designed for metals. All surfaces are covered with high resistance Hardox wear plates. Knifes and screens with different geometrical forms and in different materials are available.

The innovating feature is the tramp metal discharge opening. All lump parts are ejected during the shredding process to protect the tool and increase it‘s lifetime. Additionally a friction clutch protects the drive mechanism against overload.

Thereby the ArnoShred resists extreme conditions on scrap yards.

Arno®Shred DS


The powerful and efficient rotary shear – a double shaft shredder – is often used in the pre-crushing of metal, tyres, e-waste or plastic.

The cutting discs shred the input material in the longitudinal direction. With additional fitted transverse blades,the material is crushed to defined piece sizes.

With special granulator blades and screen baskets, the double shaft shredder can also be used for fine crushing.
For swarf shredding at high throughput rates, the ArnoShred DS is available with with double rotor design and stator blades on both sides.

Arno®Shred QS


Arno®Shred for shredding various materials.

Due to the solid construction, the high-performance and robust cutting unit the ArnoShred QS four-shaft shredder is suitable for continuous operation.

Depending on the material and bulk density, different blade geometries (eg rip hook or pelletizing function) are used. In this way precisely defined particle sizes can be crushed and also bulky material can be crushed efficiently. A combination of rotary shear and four-shaft shredding ensures maximum process reliability and economical operation.

Arno®Shred 600 QS
Arno®Shred 400 SS
Arno®Shred SSE