Baling press

Arno®Press K


ArnoPress K Series Baling Presses are suitable for compacting stamping press waste, such as steel, brass, copper and aluminium plates. The machines are available in five sizes, with 2 or 3 compactor steps. Models 100-2 to 600-2 compact in two steps, while models 100-3 to 350-3 compact the material three-dimensionally.

All parts of the presses coming into contact with scrap are lined with high-strength wear plates with a special wave-shaped profile. The solid welded construction design means that the machines can also be used for heavy continuous operation.

All presses have a graphic operator panel with visualisation of all process steps and can therefore be integrated easily into existing production lines and can be maintained via modem.

The main field of operation for this press series is the automotive industry and industrial stamping press lines with high waste volume.

Arno®Press D


The ArnoPress D Series Baling Press can be supplied in five sizes. Models 80-2 and 100-2 compact on two levels, and models 100-3 to 300-3 compact the material three-dimensionally. The first compression is carried out using a cutting head, which allows bulky parts to be reduced in size as well as achieving precompaction. All parts coming into contact with the scrap are lined with high-strength wear plates with a special trapeze-shaped profile. Each machine can be controlled manually or automatically.